British Motor Museum Volunteers

British Motor Museum Volunteers

Tuesday 15 October 2019

The Outreach and Presentation Team

This blog has described many of the various activities and duties in which volunteers are involved at the British Motor Museum. One group that has so far avoided the spotlight is the Outreach and Presentation team, volunteers who are becoming more and more active in the local community.

Formed in 2015, the original function of the group was to visit local clubs, societies and institutions etc. where presentations focussed on the promotion of the refurbishment of the main Museum, plus the construction and subsequent opening of the new Collections Centre. Known then as just the Presentation team, it comprised of about eight volunteers.

Some of the team at a recent training meeting

As part of the Museum’s commitment to help and become involved in the local community, in 2017 the group evolved into the Outreach and Presentation team – currently comprising around 14 volunteers. The Outreach programme is where between three and four volunteers visit outside organisations where, in the majority of cases, their members need special care and attention. These will typically be; dementia caf├ęs, Alzheimer’s Society groups, and care homes, as well as isolation and wellbeing and mental health groups – people for whom a visit to the Museum itself may not be practical or desirable.

The Museum, as you would expect, has a huge collection of motoring memorabilia, so it’s a selection of some of the most interesting items that we take with us to show these groups. Their reaction has really proved the worth of these visits. Often, even the more mundane items, will bring back memories or stimulate conversation and interest. Also the chance to hold and look through items such as old driving licences and pre and post war car publicity photos, plus examples of old and modern car parts, nearly always manages to inspire a story from the audience.

A small selection of some of the items

As an alternative to us going out to visit groups, we can also arrange and accommodate special group visits to the Museum itself. All our usual memorabilia items will be available to view, as well as a guided tour of sections of the Museum. Refreshments can be provided if required and the Museum is well equipped and designed for wheelchair use.

The team in action at what is a relatively small group
We’ve attended around 75 visits since the programme started and are likely to end up visiting around 40 this year alone. The visits normally last about an hour and we can attend any suitable venue within about an hour’s drive from the Museum in Gaydon. Another attraction to a couple of our recent visits has been our restored 1960 Standard Ensign. When available, this provides a great chance to remind people what sixties motoring was like and how basic most cars of that age were. 

Our restored Standard Ensign brings back memories of sixties motoring

The group’s next project will be a re-launch of their original Museum presentation to local organisations etc., but with the added bonus of a short talk on one of three motor related subjects. These are likely to be about the Mini, British sports cars and the evolution of the British motor industry.

As a result of these new initiatives and the growth in the number of requests we’re now receiving we need more volunteers. So, if any existing volunteers want to join the team, or anyone else reading this is interested in becoming part of the team, then please get in touch with our volunteer coordinator Sonja Dosanjh on 01926 927820. Further details can be found at the bottom of this website page

Further information and booking details for visits can be obtained from Emma Rawlinson, Family and Lifelong Learning Officer on 01926 927823

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