British Motor Museum Volunteers

British Motor Museum Volunteers

Monday 14 April 2014


A not unsurprising discovery

The removal of all parts, leaving just the bare body shell, took around four weeks to complete. This also involved photographing all components, labelling and storing the smaller items where appropriate and inspecting the more major items for any serious damage or wear. Generally speaking, for a car of this age, we found nothing alarming and certainly nothing we felt we couldn’t repair or restore.

However, we all knew from just a casual inspection and a poke with a screwdriver that the body shell/chassis was not in the best of health.

As cleaning and repairing the shell was clearly going to be a major task we were fortunate that the museum was able to provide us with a new Chassis Tilter. Once some additional brackets were made up and fixed to the chassis it was bolted to the Tilter front and rear. The tilt/roll mechanism of this excellent, but simple, piece of kit was to make our task a lot easier.


The chassis tilter showing the support brackets and the set up holding the shell in place.

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